Our Mission:

To provide sanctuary to the unwanted and forgotten senior and special needs dogs who’s requirements can’t usually be met by traditional rescues.

To ensure a peaceful presence for the rest of their days free from fear, hunger, neglect and loneliness. To provide all the creature comforts and medical attention they may have gone without in their previous homes.

But mostly to make sure each one leaves this earth knowing friendship and love, kindness and care and that they were treasured and their life mattered.

To make certain they are not cheated out of one day of sunshine and are given the gift of time..

Many dogs are dropped off or abandoned at the shelter simply because they are too old or too ill to care for.

The misconception people have is that shelters have the resources for long term care while these loyal loving creatures are actually what they call humanely euthanized.

While most rescue organizations work with abandoned pets these older dogs are typically less desirable and left without an option for finding care or a home.

We work to provide these pups with care and placement through your charitable donations.

These donations are spent providing medical treatment and housing through the longer process of pet adoption.

Please help us save as many of these good and loyal creatures and find them a new family or stay on as hospice care to live out their remaining days with dignity and kindness.

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