Folks, meet Linda aka Creature by her TJ rescuer. According to Naida Austin she couldn’t place Linda with other rescues because according to them she is not pretty enough well you know me by now (one of the vets where we go keeps joking I need to change the name of Hanks to ugly dog rescue!) Lol.

You see, Linda has been through hell and back as you can see she is missing an eye, she was either born without a tail or it was ripped off of her. She also has a prolapsed rectum which causes her no issues, she is not incontinent or anything like that. You can draw your own conclusions about this condition, we believe she has endured the worst abuse possible. As you can see by the third and fourth photos she has made a full recovery, isn’t she lovely? She is also just about as sweet as can be, this little girl just wants to be loved and held by her human. I think she deserves that, so who can offer her a life she never knew could be?

PLEASE pm me if you would like to know more about this innocent, she is nothing but love… It is amazing to me the work these Tijuana rescuers do, they find so many in this condition. Thank goodness for them ♡